Southern Comfort came to us with a challenge -  to produce kegged, whiskey sour cocktails and build a campaign around this designed to refine the Southern Comfort image in the Australian market and steer it back towards the traditional New Orleans experience.


We found out exactly how it could be done and set the wheels in motion - we became cocktail keg experts.

To bridge the gap between the typical Southern Comfort drinker and the kegged cocktail experience we designed key creative that was clear and concise. It tells you exactly what you need to know.


To support the POS, we crafted custom tap handles and badges to match for bar tap visibility and credibility. We wanted Southern Comfort to look like it belonged on a tap. The hand-made feel of these kits helped to ease suspicion of the quality of a 'mass produced' cocktail and convert a typical beer drinker into a whiskey sour fan.


We also produced custom etched Southern Comfort glassware and paper straws to complete the story. 

This campaign was highly successful and is still running nationally.